August 27, 2015


DATE: 02-08-2025: Time 8.31 am

Raldo woke up half past 8 that day since he slept pretty late after his wife gave him a small party at 12 am earlier that day.. its been like that from the start, his wife Chrisa would give gifts and cut the cake when the special day starts and same happens for her birthday.

Now Raldo has a unique habit of zooming and crunching into his past in his mind when he is not focused on anything. Needless to mention, now, this morning was a very good stage for it as it was a holiday and his wife was busy preparing breakfast- a very special food for him for the special day. He got up, prayed and stuck his eyes on the wall which gave him no bright relfection or radiance, appeared as pale as it can be. Well, Raldo went into his past. Past as in 10 years back in time. His memory slowly cracked open like a chocolate wrapper and ........ there he goes.

Time spiraled 10 years back in front of his eyes, his heart started beating a little faster.

Well he was 30 years back then. Working in an outsourcing company, Raldo was rolling with his job but not so excited about his monthly pay package which was just enough for living the life where he worked. Life went on with laughs, cries, happiness, disappointments, days and nights.. good food and bad food.. good air and bad air,  rain and scorching heat, smiles and frowns, journeys, few good friends, some not so good friends.. some who judged him heavily, few who encouraged him...

Some burdens he put on his shoulders with his consent and some he got from others. Most of his troubles had root from his own actions, thoughts and his words. Life was going on as an express train of bad decisions as bogies. The engine was tired of pulling these heavy bad choices and decisions Raldo took.

Overlooking the whole lot of mess in his life with enormous sarcasm, he would rise up everyday with some false hopes and shaky faith. Went through the day seeing what other do and seeing how others handle their stuff. Counting the blessings others had while he didn't. Well not saying he was completely negative about his direction of journey, but he didn't know who he really was and what he was supposed to do.

So yeah, he doesnt know the bigger picture, at this juncture, only God knows that. If we compare his life with a railway station, he was a passenger waiting for his train on the platform with all the comforts a railway station platform can offer but doesnt know clearly which train is best for his destination... Worse still, he had a few destinations in his mind about which he knew nothing about.

Today, 15-08-2015.
Raldo sitting in office with foggy mind. He was overhearing his colleagues talking with great excitement and frolic after they interviewed one 40 yr old guy for a comparatively junior position for his age, clearly they were amused at a couple of things... Raldo's interest in this conversation heightened when he knew more about the 40 yr old.....

... to be continued

June 15, 2015

Showers are coming.

India is sizzling in monsoon season now. Well, cool monsoon breeze is hitting my mind space lately too. Expect some rain on this page soon. It may be a drizzle... a torrential spray of words.. with some snowy touch. After 5 years, I can sense the clouds in my mind getting bulkier than they have ever been and ready to rain.

April 17, 2010

Humans fail Big time.

I have a question about something i am sure nobody in this world can answer.Instead of asking you right away, I would like to bring you to that tiny question. Keep any 2 of you finger tips facing each other  (preferably ur right n left pointing fingers). And with minute movements(really minute), draw them nearer...more nearer with micro movements..But as u realize by now, we don't have that much ability to be moving our finger tips constantly near for a prolonged period till the tips touch (i assume even most advanced machines have limited ability for this because there is no chance of absolution in this). And yeah.. our finger tips would touch each other very fast.

Lets imagine we are doing this with the help of most advanced and precision machinery in the world.. lets call that machine "X". we insert our two fingers in the slots of the machine "X". and the two slots are drawing near.. nearer and nearer to an extend to which we can't even see the Gap between our finger tips. But when we see with a microscope, yes.. there is plenty of gap between our finger tips... and we activate the machine "X" again..the fingers draw nearer and we can't see the gap with our microscope. will the human mind accept defeat.? NO. We see though Electronic microscope...The Gap is tremendous. there is so much space between our fingers still!!..

This goes on n on till our finger tips touch and we record down the latest distance measured between our finger tips just before the machine made its final move. It may be.. lets say.. 0.00000000001 micro metre? or whatever smallest unit you know of.


SOME might be thinking y am i highlighting this case of smallest measurement while we dont even know the size or extend of the universe.. Well these are things which we can't even have a picture of.. But for the maximum proximity of the finger tips, we are so incapable of finding out the precise answer.

I have heard people say.. Nothing is impossible by humans. But I persuade you to taste the truth... most of the things are not possible by us... Wanna know the reason why..?
Because some of our findings/inventions will have a conflict with our imagination and our reasoning. In this case,  if at all we find a measurement of the least possible distance between two objects, our imagination will QUESTION us.. why can the objects be some more nearer..? there we fail.! There we fail in front of our imagination.. in front of our own self. Am I right?

Well, all these are my personal findings.. if you have conflicts, please let the world know and include me also. :)

Lastly, I am not worthy to teach you. But just sharing the amusement... More of this topic next week.

To Be Continued...

God Bless.

April 8, 2010

Grass and the Beer can.

Once upon a time, on a dry bare land.., Among the millions of brown dead grasses, one healthy flake of grass asked an empty beer can which can be alive for only a bit, till the last drop of its 'golden' aerated blood evaporates... " how was your life..." Beer can knew the grass flake was asking for the sake of askin something so that it can continue the conversation to askin a drop of water.

but the Beer can answered: "Was painful.. in fact.. a hundred times painful than the agony which i have now thinking of preserving my last trinket of blood."
"Ohh Good God, Mr Beer Can" Exclaimed the grass flake.. "from the time you were born, u were preserved in an airconditioned room.. with 330 ml of blood inside your vein-less polished body.. with aesthetic patterns on your skin... You had all the environmental favors you've ever wanted. although you are in a bad shape today.. your life was a bed of roses wasn't it.. look at my eyes my shiny friend..

The beer can was not any deficit of words but was in tears. He was trying to weep silently but to his bold image there were stains of sobs.
Very well said my greeny friend... So well said that I could even forget my lament over this. But its NOT.. Nobody can wipe my tears at this time my friend.. nobody. To some extend, You were right mr grass.. I was very lucky.. in fact far luckier than my creators who were working day and night to create my body and blood, and people who were striving hard to preserve my freshness and thus making me proud of my birth.

Enlightenment dawned over me one day when i saw my friends being squeezed off their blood which is drunk by the People. I was shocked like hell. Just then my knowledgeable friend told me that our life's purpose is such a thing.. to be consumed by someone. We need to serve our life's purpose. As straight forward as I was, I was happy about it. I was getting ready day by day for my salvation.

But I didn't know I was BOUGHT for some peices of schillings which a man gave to my shopkeeper. Lucky you my greeny friend.. Nobody would buy you in the path of your salvation.. you can serve your life's mission by being cushion for people's feet..

I was BOUGHT for a cheap value which I never expected.. now I am a dying piece of metal with two or three drops of life...Grass was tearing by this time. Before he could console, Beer Can had his last molecule of blood dried up.

The Grass said to himself hoping that Mr Beer Can will hear it from his imaginary after-death world, "you had your life's purpose served not only by quenching people's thirst but also by being a carrier of the water which was snatched from my earth with which my friends would have been alive to serve their purpose in life without dying off prematurely.
But I forgive you for neither you nor I are the culprits.. but the person reading this."

God bless,
Preserve water.

April 3, 2010


Those vertical random beautifuly spraying black/grey lines...ill-shaped dots,... in short, marks/scratches on the film role which is an inevitable and the most desirable imperfection in olden days' movies... usually as a result of manual editing (trust me photograph of an editing room has nearly knocked me down). Though you wont find these scratch marks on some very old movies. The reason I leave it for you to guess. Something we miss in these days of digital editing.(Lifeless editing).

Atleast for certain scattered periods in my life, I wanted to be a movie theatre operator.. where I can happily operate the projector machines and feel the privilage to decide which all reels we have to show the audience. And most importantly see all the them to my heart's content. No other pleasure had its mark on my life other than watching those flickering images on the silver screen. (Although most of the time, I was inclined to aircrafts and dreamt about flying...but thts a completely different block in my dream complex.).

Whole purpose of spraying your eyes with movie paint, is to deceive your senses. This deceit lasts for a while till u plunge deep into the ocean of life again. We have our own re-chargers or re-surfacers(in my vocabulary..) which help us stretch ourselves above the ever pressurizing ocean surface.. AND BREATHE. like a flying fish... And Movies, to me, are simply one of those.

God Bless

March 20, 2010

Jus a bit of S.o.r.r.(o.w).y

Common problem among us Indians.. to use the word "sorry" as a verb instead of a noun. Come on ppl.. We can't give or ask for a "sorry". Sorry is not a thing.. its a state of mind which can be described as the noun of sorrow..  YES.. we could get/give some "sorrow" frm/to others ofcourse. but not "sorry"!
Same case with the word - "foreign"... but I dun need to elaborate on this DO I?
God Bless

This reminds me of Tigerwoods incident.. Jus wondering if it is really important that a popular SPORTSMAN shd apologize to the public (To his Fans acc to him) abt being unfaithful to his wife..?The only person whom he was bound to be faithful was his wife n his family..I just dont understand why these popular figures have their personal life open to the public like a book open from FOUR sides.